SDogAlex 92,331 views. Our TeamSpeak 3 MusikBot can transform each TeamSpeak 3 Server into a private radio station. 7:17. I will make a video explaining how to stream music into TeamSpeak 3. I'll post it on here when I make the video.-----Video is now available. (Make sure you're using at least version ... \Users\\AppData\Roaming\TeamSpeak 3 Client\, on Mac they are in ~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/. This Opus 1.3.1 minor release fixes an issue with the analysis on files with digital silence (all zeros), especially on x87 builds (mostly affects 32-bit builds). Can I get a different codec or make the current one go higher? How To ByPass TeamSpeak 3 Bans - … I know I can change the audio codec in the channel settings, but the Opus Music codec only goes to 11.87KiB/s. Someone noted that "32bit Codec at 7 to 10 quality with the lowest delay sounds best from my point of view." Like we used it for years. Runs on any modern linux distribution and windows systems. All popular formats and codecs are supported. 229 posts; 229 posts; Posted March 22, 2016. But now that I have upgraded my server and client and tried it there is a quality reduction on the high frequencies. After that we went back to our old channel with speex codec 10/10 and we all agreed that the quality is way better. How To Make a Teamspeak 3 Music Bot [100% free] [Sinusbot] - Duration: 7:17. After confirming the SinusBot and an access for the interface will be created. libopus 1.3.1 Apr 12, 2019. Last time I tested the quality of "Opus Music" on maximum quality on the beta versions it was fantastic. Just wondering what the nicest sounding codec is for Teamspeak. Click here to view it. If this cannot be done at all, is there another VOIP software that allows me to go above 100kbps? Always choose the Opus codec in music mode - but also keep in mind that this will increase bandwidths for every one in the channel. If you have 10.00 dollars (USD), you can make this happen. SinusBot is a TeamSpeak 3 MusicBot from our product portfolio. It also includes two new features: A new OPUS_GET_IN_DTX query to know if the encoder is in DTX mode (last frame was either a comfort noise frame or not encoded at all) Both were set on quality 10/10. This doesn't mean much to me, as I never used teamspeak … So that you can convince yourself of SinusBot, we have developed a test environment for you. We tested both Opus Voice and Opus Music where music was a bit better. In addition to playing self-uploaded music, the bot can also stream radios, YouTube videos and files from SoundCloud, Dropbox or direct links. The TS3MusicBot (TeamSpeak 3 MusicBot) is a unique software product to stream media content like music, radio, youtube, soundcloud and more to a TeamSpeak or Discord server.