There’s a lot to choose with many different benefits to each. This Art Advantage sketchboard grants you that freedom. The cheapest board that’ll offer the most bang for your buck is the Alvin masonite board set. Drawing Boards Linex A3 Drawing Board See pricing info, deals and product reviews for Linex A3 Drawing Board at LB Drawing Boards and Table Tops from Alvin feature ultra light boards, unfinished wood veneer surfaces, aluminum side edges, hollow honeycomb interiora and solid wood edges and … It’s a convenient art board for the size and the construction is tops. Drawing Boards. If you don’t care about colors getting into the masonite then no problem. Drawing board can be used alone as a table-like surface, or can be propped on an easel. Surprisingly it’s about 6 lbs which isn’t much heavier than smaller boards. Do a quick search for masonite boards to see all the different sizes you can try. However this is much sturdier than most of those thinner boards and it’s smaller to boot. Not to mention you get more adjustable positions and the same pencil lip ledge to keep your paper & pencil in place while drawing. This lightweight and portable drawing board makes for a great drawing surface at home, at school, at a park, or wherever you find inspiration. It can handle most sketch book and common art paper sizes. After using a number of drawing board models over the years I decided to review the top drawing boards available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations. Although they are extremely lightweight (approx. offers 20 lightweight led drawing board products. They come in all different shapes & sizes so don’t think one board has to be your only option. This is one of the best choices for a complete beginner who wants to dive in and start drawing fast. But they’re also light enough that you can drag them around anywhere. If you're looking for a comfortable drawing experience, look no further than The SAA. If you’re a beginner then you’ll need a quality board to last a while as you plow through exercises. And when you’re drawing on this board it’ll feel like a finely crafted wooden desk. But this is only my recommendation as a generalist’s board. It provides a large 17″ x 13″ art surface capable of handling most projects. We understand the importance of a clean and easy to use interface to best serve both teachers and students of all ages. However it’s also not heavy either, and the adjustable features plus the craftsmanship more than make up for the weight. I’ve yet to find another portable drawing board with all these features that also has two different sizes(small or large) to choose from. This drawing board is ideal for home use. None of these boards come with clips, although you can easily add your own chip clip attached to the top. Suitable for up to Half Imperial and A3 paper sizes. It offers a lightweight yet rigid drawing surface. Newer artists want the freedom to try stuff and just draw. I haven’t tried watercolors on it but if you lay down some paper it should be fine. But this size offers plenty of room for any piece of paper or sketch pad you might bring along. offers 93 lightweight drawing board products. The natural oil finish looks great and this drawing board is durable enough to last years and years. Obviously it’s for drawing, but for what type of drawing? Next day delivery. Overall the surface is clean and it’s a flat board worth using if you like the larger size. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Some just offer more features than others and they all come in different sizes. All of these masonite boards come with the small loop at the top for easy carry. Available in two sizes: Half imperial size: 457mm x 609mm (18″ x 24″) Quarter imperial size: 431mm x 330mm (17″ x 13″) So without further ado let’s dive right in. You can even clip your board to the top with a built-in pinch clip. Plenty of room for your average sketch pad.

lightweight drawing boards

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