Unsurprisingly, they sold out almost instantly. While many petrolheads will rightly go misty eyed and meerkat alert at the distant rumble of a Subaru EJ-series flat-four, for those of us who admire the marque to an almost devotional state, there can only ever be one true poster child: the Impreza 22B. It was introduced as a replacement for the Leone, with the predecessor's EA series engines replaced by the new EJ series.It is now in its fifth generation. If it is the real deal, don’t scratch it. 0.0727% of all UK vehicles are SUBARU IMPREZA. SAS Australia star Molly Taylor has been tested before - and by one of our own! Its power-to-weight of 162kW-per-tonne matches that of a new Ford Focus RS, or a BMW M140i. Universally known as Subaru's rarest car, there is a bit of confusion over how many 22Bs were actually made. The 22B (Note: for the computer geeks out there, 22B in hex converts to 555 in decimal.) Calculations are based on an interest rate of 10% per annum over a 3 year term with no deposit. There are 22,776 SUBARU IMPREZA left in the UK with an MOT. Subarus are made at two manufacturing plants. Another sold this year for $181,000 in Japan. A Bugatti Veyron is counted as a 'Bugatti - Missing', because the Veyron model hasn't been registered on the DVLA database. It was believed Subaru made only 224, rather than 225, rally-inspired hot rods until it was revealed the mystery 22B, build number 13, actually belongs to Subaru America. provided a 2.2l boxer engine, more hardcore styling all round including 2-doors instead of 4 and an adjustable rear wing made up just some of the key features of the 22B. The Japan site produces the Subaru BRZ, XV Crosstrek, Impreza, WRX, STi and Forester models. The engine gave the car its name: 22 stood for the displacement and B was an internal code for turbo. Despite this, it has garnered admiration from Aussies, with a South Australian-built tribute to the 22B (named 25BB) gracing MOTOR’s pages being a case in point. Subaru gifted its rally legends and Subie icons – Colin McRae and his co-driver Nicky Grist – two examples. Looking at the interior of the car, you wouldn't think that anyone hadn't driven it since it rolled off the production line 19 years ago. The 22B was used to commemorate both Subaru's 40th anniversary as well as the 3rd consecutive manufacturer's title for Subaru in the FIA World Rally Championship. Australian-market cars were undeniably expensive in 1993, and the 22B was still nine grand cheaper than a BMW E36 M3 Evo and a long way short of … A 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B STi has been listed for sale in the UK for £295,000 (approximately AU$526,013). Look for its intercooler water spray. 400 models were built for Japan, five for the Australian market and a further 16 were sent off to the UK, but according to the majority of sources, 424 were built in total. " Just like the legendary medieval object, this Subaru 22B is something that most automotive enthusiasts would pursue, given the chance. There are 31,344,532 cars & other vehicles with valid MOTs. Delivered to your door each month. AS WITH many of the great cars of the late 20th Century, Subaru’s unicorn-rare STi 22B is a limited edition celebration of motorsport success. A label that often conjures up thoughts of what the ultimate Subaru Impreza might be. Two years ago a rally-livered prototype that featured the same 0/400 badge sold for $224,000. In 1998, Subaru of Japan produced a widebody, 2-door, Impreza called the 22B STi. Only 400 22B’swere made in order to celebrate 40 years of Subaru and only 16 of those were destined for the UK. If you think you’ve spotted a 22B in the wild, a few dead giveaways are the hand-crafted widebody wheel arches, STi caps where the foggies should be, an adjustable rear-wing, slightly larger 17-inch BBS alloys and – if you manage to get inside – a lack of niceties such as air-conditioning. 1999 Subaru WRX STi 22B specs Engine: 2212cc flat-four, DOHC, 16v, turbo Power: 206kW @ 6000rpm Torque: 360Nm @ 3200rpm Weight: 1295kg 0-100km/h: 4.7sec (claimed) Price new: $132,000. The world's most thrilling performance car magazine. Also does anyone know a way to find out which one you have like # 967 of 1600? I was wondering what the story behind it was and how many were made in my color and they got back to me quickly and then they did some research. does any one know how many subaru impreza p1 models were made? Who could forget the first AWD Subaru, the 1300G Wagon? Just like the legendary medieval object, this Subaru 22B is something that most automotive enthusiasts would pursue, given the chance. This budget tool is intended as a guide and starting point only and is not in any way a finance quotation. The hand-assembled engine would generate 360Nm at 3200rpm to trump the Version V’s 353Nm at 4000. The wider fenders made room for bigger tires. These things can fetch huge money... six-digit money. We’re talking 18 years ago now, but that’s still fast even today. At the Indiana site, Subaru produces the Legacy sedan, and the Outback and Tribeca crossovers. 22B (1998) The Impreza 22B was produced by "Subaru Tecnica International" (STi). HOW RARE IS MY SUBARU IMPREZA? The Subaru Impreza (Japanese: スバル・インプレッサ, Hepburn: Subaru Inpuressa) is a compact car that has been manufactured by Subaru since 1992. eg. Subaru has offered 4-door sedan and 5-door body variants since 1992. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages, The ultimate AWD classic is also one of the rarest. With even stronger mid-range engine response, the 22B’s rolling acceleration times were its forte – it made already quick cars appear almost sloth-like. Limited to an overall top speed of 144 miles-per hour, and rocking an unorthodox 2.2-liters of engine displacement, the 22B could scramble from zero to 60 both on- and off-road in just 4.7 seconds. Individually numbered badges for each car are located within the engine bay and repeated as a small plaque situated at the base of the gear lever. Just 399 cars were set for production, with reports stating that they were all spoken for within 48 hours of going on sale. This helped give it tremendous mid-range power. The limited-edition S209 is designed from the chassis out to balance raw turbocharged power with precise, intuitive handling. It turns out, however, the Baja found its niche in used-car shoppers. Here's what we'd choose. Silverstone Auctions sold number 311 for £73,125 (AUD$121,000) in May 2016, and that 22B had panels replaced after a ding-up. See the Subaru Baja models for sale near you. Named after the 2.2-litre turbocharged boxer engine that sits under the hood, the two-door 22B has a big body to back up that big Japanese displacement. I’ve seen three in t… Rocking the boxy, early 1990s look, just 424 cars were built to commemorate Subaru’s 40th anniversary. But I’m not here to sing the praises of the 22B, at least not this time around. The 22B was gifted a slightly larger 2.2-litre flat-four than the STi Version V it was based on, with a larger bore, though its claimed power output was still the same 206kW at 6000rpm. Just wondering. When you ask for #s like this they dont mind providing the info. Subaru decided to build 24 more 22B STis (16 UK specimens and 8 for Australia) for key Impreza markets. Its first car was the Subaru 1500, but only 20 were built due to supply issues. The author's old Subaru Legacy GT-B was counted as a Subaru Legacy, because the GT-B is a Japanese model that was never sold in the UK. We got … Also, Subaru attempted to bring the STi to America sooner than we thought. Please refer here for our site terms. I had a super rare 1 of 30 in Sedona Red pearl 03 WRX's cars that came with matching Red and black leather from the factory. Probably the most famous old school ‘Rex is the wide-hipped, be-winged 22B, a true icon in and of itself. There are 4 SUBARU 22B left in the UK with an MOT. If it ticks all those boxes, you’ve probably found yourself a damn good replica. However, five (5) WRX STI S204 were made available to Subaru enthusiasts in New Zealand. I think 04 there were only 1600, but I'm sure I could be wrong. The Baja was sold from 2003 to 2006, with an original manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around $23,000 to $28,000 with shipping and options. Does anybody know how many 04 STi's were made? Only 424 were ever produced and, as of this writing, I’m only aware of 2 being in the States. Advertised with 280hp (208kW) just like every other Japanese sports car of the time, the 22B reportedly came with a number that was north of 300hp. eg. The Subaru BRZ is a fun, low-cost little rear-drive sports car. All Rights Reserved. And even from a standstill, the 22B would hit 100km/h in 4.7 seconds. The name also nods to how many were made. WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines. The 'Missing' model from the same manufacturer. For 2018, the Subaru BRZ gets a special edition tS model, of which only 500 will be built. AS WITH many of the great cars of the late 20th Century, Subaru’s unicorn-rare STi 22B is a limited edition celebration of motorsport success. Can it get any rarer? One plant is located in Gunma, Japan, and the other is in Lafayette, Indiana.

how many subaru 22b were made

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