Use our Job Description Tool to sort through over 13,000 other Job Titles and Careers. Promoted to office responsibilities / assisted customer service, I helped customers with designs for projects using Auto Cad. Designed wall sections, floor plans, electrical plans, and elevations using AutoCAD. Ensured success of nightly and weekly backups platform wide; mainframe, HPUX, AS/400, and windows servers. Initiated trouble tickets to appropriate department, monitored and scheduled system backs ups via OpenVMS. Corrected any JCL errors, worked with programmers with program problems, and restored files. Provided Help Desk Support - giving clients or users support on hardware and/or software applications problems or questions. Performed trouble-shooting and preventive maintenance on Unisys terminals and ion printer. Monitored EHR trouble line and log trouble tickets as received. He has to deal with all types of computer hardware ranging from computer peripherals to network computers. Prepared designs utilizing AutoCad or Inventor. Monitored production, system testing, and development environments including mainframe and distributed platforms. Demonstrated basic material handling and performed multiple operational tasks assigned. Excellent time management and training skills. Monitored job schedules running in Control-M. Used Control-M Enterprise Manager, CA7, and OPC to process batch and help resolved batch abends. Managed system cleanup (including data, objects and journal receivers), printer setup, configuration, and ongoing support. Managed help desk support for end users with any hardware or software issues. Given below on this page is a mega quiz about Computer basic skills info which can be attempted by our visitors to practice for the actual exams. Monitored, performed troubleshooting and escalated problems with AS400, ATM's, Internet banking and administrative systems. Operated and maintained base level Unisys 1100/72 main frames, providing support for two hundred demand and batch users. Scheduled and restarted jobs using Control-M, Control-M Enterprise Manager. Created Isometric Piping drawings and Electrical loop drawings from Engineering Sketches on IBM Compatible computers using AutoCAD Releas13-c4 and Windows 95 software. Operated computer system and monitored system performance through consoles. Monitored peripheral media requests using JES2 commands. Completed a company-wide Windows XP Professional upgrade. Utilized magnetic tape drive technology to perform critical data backups. Transcribes source data into the required electronic format. Trained staff in using OS/2 on a UNIX system to develop computer aided manufacturing design mask for printed circuit boards. Monitored and scheduled UNIX scripts using the TSM (Tivoli Scheduling Monitor) scheduler. Processed payroll (475+) employees, answered and distributed trouble calls to craftsmen, ordered supplies, materials and equipment. Diagnosed computer malfunctions, performed corrective actions and/or coordinated for maintenance and repair of either equipment or software. Attention to Detail. Data entry skills involve also using database software. Maintained/upgraded/modified CAD system and software applications providing technical assistance. Trained Linux team members on performing duties with Windows Server to reduce overall ticket count under acceptable target measures. Supported high priority national security requirements by conducting operations across multiple platforms. Provided valuable feedback and organized several projects on a weekly basis for better company focus and customer service generated values. Provided extensive graphical and technical assistance to facilitate efficient completion of projects within established budget. Computer Skills That Will Help You Get Hired. Configured best HVAC routing in consideration of maximum air supply and vent flow rates. Monitored and troubleshot SQL servers while bringing them online and offline. Duties; Monitoring the operation of various servers, hosts systems and network components. Provided user support, managed trouble tickets, performed documentation, and maintained various logs. Researched problems and implemented corrective actions. Performed diversified computer operation duties in a Stratus/UNIX Mainframe environment. Performed preventive maintenance on all printers, tape drives, RF terminals, twin-ax cabled terminals, and PCs. Completed weekly system maintenance utilizing IPL. Designed floor plans and updated existing floor plans for residential housing construction utilizing the latest AutoCAD software. Printed unemployment checks and investigated computer problems, ran batch jobs and worked on the IBM mainframe system. Computer Operator, Operator Trainee, Data Entry Clerk and more! Worked on Burroughs and UNISYS mainframe computer systems at various bases and installations in the Computer operators must be able to read and comprehend technical information such as operation manuals and technical diagrams. Conducted problem determination and resolution for all computer equipment and programs. Monitored and controlled the Unisys A6 System by operating the central console and the online terminal in accordance with established routines. Documented system failures Maintained a UNIX standalone station, including daily and weekly backups, trouble shooting both software and hardware problems. Operated, monitored, and controlled assorted computers on assorted platforms and related peripheral equipment using established procedures. Processed production jobs utilizing programming knowledge and current software. Participated in development and implementing table games system, including hardware set and deployment and software setup. Executed system backups and using SQL, corrected abnormally terminated programs. Technological Skills and Knowledge. Provided file transmissions, backups, software upgrades, code deployments, troubleshooting, and batch processing on the AS400 environment. Performed system drive and database restores at the customer request, using Tivoli TSM restore software. Operated an IBM 4381 DOS/VSE System using Power JCL Commands and using ICCF to update JCL Members for Production runs. Rebooted remote IBM print server and data center PCs for maintenance. Utilized programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Presented new ideas and processes to improve cost efficiency via MS PowerPoint to management. Hired back as a consultant I was performing the same duties as my previous position with Unisys Corporation. Computer operators need to have basic word processing skills and must be able to manage files and records. Performed quality assurance and assisted with corrective actions on computer hardware/software including security scans on incoming/outgoing hard drives. Computer operators work for many kinds of industries to input computer tasks, monitor mainframes (large computers that support many users at once) that often run 24/7, and check for problems that come up during their shift. Monitored IBM mainframes using UNIX operating system to enhance performance and maintain continuous operations. Initiated, monitored and troubleshot incremental, and full backups on Windows, UNIX, AS400, and VMS backups. Performed various hardware and software-related functions to ensure the efficient running of the computer system. Provided support and administration for Active Directory accounts. Operated and monitored z/VM Mainframe systems and related peripherals in a diverse hardware environment. Experienced in the operation of Xerox 9790, 4050 Laser Printers and IBM 4248 impact Printers. They also need to be able diagnose the the problem and fix it. Monitored MVS consoles, mounted tapes, and used IBM 2705 and IBM 4245 printers to print bills and statements. Operated and maintained mainframe computers and laser printers. Monitored production jobs/processes on multiple platforms. The average Computer Operator I salary in the United States is $46,011 as of October 28, 2020, but the range typically falls between $38,434 and $52,068. Operated and monitored UNISYS A Series System (online processing). Utilized Tivoli, Patrol, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Viewpoint to monitor. Reading Comprehension - Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents. Provided technical assistance to computer operations staff members. Initiated, updated, tracked and closed trouble tickets; created and sent alerts and flashes. Controlled the Control-M job scheduler Demonstrated knowledge with MVS, TSO, SDSF, and JES2 commands as related to tape and print functions. Monitored instrument dial-out and network interfaces, resolved reporting errors and system problems. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Computer Operator resume. Computer Operator Qualifications/ Skills: Data processing. Entered Level 2 requests into the correct CICS queue. Performed operator maintenance on supply computer equipment; provided technical assistance to remote terminal users within supply and support organizations. Monitored all systems Supported IBM 9371 mainframe via VSE, ESA, CICS, VTAM, ICCF, and POWER. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. A computer operator must also be an inventive thinker. Operated combined console for multiple inter-dependent systems. Given below on this page is a mega quiz about Computer basic skills info which can be attempted by our visitors to practice for the actual exams. Provided technical assistance to Project Manager and Electronics Technical Security Specialist on project design and drawings. Designed electrical, plumbing, and HVAC plans. Operated and maintained Xerox high-speed laser printers using a variety of types of stock while monitoring output quality and inventory control. Provided additional support whenever required in Laser Print area onDP180 & DP4135K Xerox high-speed printing systems (3). So, basic software skills and the ability to learn fast new programs are crucial for your performance. Worked in the computer room, reviewed data entry and administered operational system daily and periodic tasks. Operated advanced workstations running Win2k and Linux operating systems providing virtual and constructive simulations for US Army modern warfare battle experiments. Operated, monitored, and controlled a mainframe computer and related peripheral equipment using established procedures. Monitored DEC VAX 11/780 mini-processors that used DEC VAX/VMS for batch and interactive support. Maintained and repaired computer equipment peripheral software, office machines. Initiated and monitored batch processing as scheduled. ADD RELEVANT SKILLS TO YOUR RESUME: Each job will require different skills and experiences, so make sure to read the job description carefully, and focus on the skills listed by the employer. Supplied technical assistance, support, and advice to RN's and other system users. Provided testing and troubleshooting for company hardware being returned to inventory. Operated and monitored central processing computer equipment for other locations nationwide. Followed processes to solve operational problems and monitor job abends via CA7. Checked CICS regions and disabled/enabled transactions. Prepared production reports and interact with supervisors and customers regarding specific production jobs. Assisted Engineers in design drawing fiber optics placement for high-speed internet. For example, 10.5% of Computer Operator resumes contained CAD as a skill. Performed inventory on a weekly basis to ensure all stock and office supplies for the tape library and office were available. A Computer operator looks after the working of hardware computer systems in a firm. Monitored systems on multiple mainframe and distributed platforms and performed disaster recovery media rotation activities. Provided data entry assistance and also provided overnight batch processing support. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education , certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Utilized Microsoft XP and Red Hat Linux environment. Monitored online batch processing as required for completion, followed daily worksheets to record pertinent information. Provided first-level technical support to internal users and monitored hardware to ensure effective operations. Prepared 2D and 3D architectural details, floor plans, door and window schedules, and medical casework. Diagnosed errors and operated computer systems to resolve errors. Provided SQL Scripts from Systems Administrators, to complete various tasks such as testing servers and editing database records. He holds a bachelor's degree in history, a master's degree in theology and has completed doctoral work in American history. Trained for then provided customer service and daily operations for large mainframe/ raised floor computer rooms, tape and print jobs. Performed JDE Security and backup for JDE Scheduler (Tivoli). Resolved client print output problems Ensured uninterrupted connectivity during backups through synchronization of IGM & OGM servers. Monitored multiple systems for national outsourcing company, handling system problems and contacting clients. Performed first level problem resolution and escalation of all incidents per corporate standards. While the number of things that computers can do is impressive, it still takes a human to control and monitor the tasks they perform. Completed routine tape backups of computer systems to ensure optimal operating levels. Operated and monitored computer system in advanced data processing and computational applications. Processed, encrypted, and distributed SQL reports via FTP. Advanced to control room monitoring batch cycles through CA7 scheduling tool. Assisted remote users in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Nevada using JES2 command language. Scheduled computer resources for various in-house departments, arranged and facilitated vendor support for hardware outages. He has taught various courses in these fields since 2001. Preformed preventative maintenance on various laser printers. Archived and retrieved 2D and 3D seismic data using Tivoli Storage Manager. Followed and enforced computer systems and data center security procedures. Purchased, built, serviced, and installed corporate PCs and related equipment. Apart from the above-mentioned skills computer operator needs to efficient and complete the desired work on a time limit. Diagnosed and troubleshot hardware/software problems; maintained recovery media and output devices. Installed and troubleshoot problems with IBM 4000, 3476 terminals, 3116 laser printers, and Zebra 90xi printers. Computer operators need to know how each piece of computer equipment can affect the performance of the whole. For effective performance on the job, the computer operator is expected to possess the following qualities: 5 years experience performing the following computer applications: Oracle, Query, ODIN, etc. >Proven work experience as a Computer Operator. Monitored the status of communication platforms and executed batch processing. Improved efficiency by developing and implementing preventative maintenance schedule for Computer Room equipment. Enabled customers to maximize application potential through integration Environment: AS/400. Worked on a contract supporting Prince George's County mainframe computers that generated nightly output reports from various County departments. Operated single and multiple VM and Development TPF Systems to ensure service levels and scheduling targets were met. Executed job setup, routine system maintenance, back up and operations as well as performed basic data entry.

computer operator skills

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