I tried Mellow Mushroom for the first time for lunch during Orlando Restaurant Week. Three meatballs grilled with fresh mozzarella on a bed of Mellow red sauce with shaved parmesan and basil, sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Creamy hummus served with your choice of toasted pita wedges or carrots and celery. All-natural vanilla bean ice cream, dark chocolate truffle sauce, freshly whipped cream and topped with an all-natural Bing cherry. Make your Monday marvelous with a large cheese pizza made with Mellow red sauce and mozzarella on Mellow's crust, buttered and sprinkled with Parmesan for only $10. Start with a cheese calzone and add your favorite ingredients. So that's… Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with paprika and fresh basil. I also didn't know it was one mile from my job! The recipe I found for this dressing which is all over the web isn't even close, so I went to the kitchen and started tinkering while the memory of the delicious chef salad I had at Mellow Mushroom last night is fresh in my mind. A rich, creamy soup flavored with Burgundy wine and herbs. Start with a gluten-free cheese pizza and go mellow from there. Our Celebration Packages make at-home party planning easy and delicious. The pizza was also very good; while not a traditional white pizza, the variety of cheeses along with red onions and sundried tomatoes made for a … All of our pizzas may be ordered on our 10” Signature Gluten-Free crust. Cheddar cheese (cal 110) Finished with a BBQ sauce swirl. Your Choice Of Salad Base + 3 Ingredients. (cal 360). To make the crust, add yeast and sugar to warm water and allow to proof for 5 minutes. Small (cal 230-270) All hail the perfect salad. Jalapeños  (cal 0) • Romaine Base choices are lettuce blend (romaine and iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots and red cabbage), romaine, spinach or spring mix. (cal 1320)     Served with Mellow red sauce +cal 70. Caesar Salad at Mellow Mushroom "This is probably our 3rd or 4th time visiting this Mellow Mushroom. Large (cal 430-470). $9.00. Mellow red sauce base with mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, ham, applewood smoked bacon, mushrooms, black olives, roma tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. Just fresh ingredients that are sure to send your taste buds on a trip they won’t soon forget. half: (cal 540-580)     whole: (1090-1160). Mellow takes veggies to the max. Ingredients for a calzone are priced at small pie prices. Mellow red sauce base with feta cheese, mozzarella, spinach, sun-dried roasted tomatoes and roma tomatoes. Mellow Chick Salad $9.50. Avocado (cal 50) Small (cal 320-400) Seasoned meatballs in a Mellow red sauce topped with melted mozzarella. Includes four small cheese and six small pepperoni stone-baked pies, five lil’ Greek and five lil’ Caesar salads. Nothing brings friends or family together like Mellow’s classic dough and fresh ingredients. Base sauce choices include olive oil & garlic, pesto and Mellow Red Sauce. Mellow takes veggies to the max. Fire up the appetite. Catch day-to-day sporting events on one of our nine TVs and every sports channel imaginable. half tofu: (cal 450-460)         whole tofu: (cal 900-930) Mellow Mushroom: Caesar salad pizza is remarkable - See 256 traveler reviews, 46 candid photos, and great deals for Gainesville, GA, at Tripadvisor. It’s finished with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese. The chain of restaurants also serve hoagies, calzones, appetizers, and salads as well as offer a large beer selection, usually 20 to 40 beers on draft along with over 50 on bottles. Topped with extra mozzarella. No premade blends, no artificial additives, no preservatives. Meals for Home come as is and cannot be customized. Mellow red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni on Mellow's crust, buttered, and sprinkled with Parmesan. Order online from Mellow Mushroom … Medium (cal 390-450) Small (cal 320-360) Mellow Mushroom is a restaurant featuring online Pizza food ordering to tuscaloosa, AL. Don’t worry we have removed the butter and parmesan finish. Large (cal 430-490). Package includes 2 large stone-baked pizzas, 2 house or Caesar salads, regular size, and an order of 20 wings. Medium (cal 460-510) half: (cal 390-400)     whole: (cal 780-800). Balsamic marinated Tempeh layered on top of lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and melted Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese. 240 Calories. Build your own by choosing from our curated selection of ingredients that can be prepared with allergy-safe procedures. Finished with a pesto swirl. The mushroom soup, house and Caesar salads, and Veg Out Pizza are delicious.… Large (cal 500-550). Large (cal 410-470). Large (cal 320-370). Topped with sweet onions, cucumbers, green peppers, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, pepperoncinis, banana peppers, Kalamata olives. This location is big. We had a group of 16 heading in around 6:30… Olive oil and garlic base with sun-dried roasted tomatoes, provolone, feta cheese, seasoned ricotta, fresh basil, mozzarella, roma tomatoes, and onions. Slice and serve! 350/390 cal | 440/460 cal | … $16.00. ... Caesar Salad. Browse Menus, click your items, and order your meal. Find out how many calories are in Mellow Mushroom. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, set it in a warm spot, and allow to rise for 30 minutes. It'll help us send you more deals you like. Medium (cal 420-460) half tempeh: (cal 580-590)   whole tempeh: (cal 1170-1190). Take a fun night staying in up a notch with some Mellow Mushroom favorites. 400 cal. Crisp double-baked wings. Large (290-350). This Cuban-inspired pizza comes with jerk marinated pork, ham, salami, Swiss and mozzarella cheeses, diced pickles, and an irresistible mayo-mustard drizzle. Simple, yet lively. Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and topped with shaved parmesan and house-made croutons. Top with tomato slices, shredded parmesan, and feta. Small (cal 360-410) Small (cal 330-380) Made with fresh ingredients and hand-chopped daily, these salads are the real deal. Flavor at a distance. https://www.thespiffycookie.com/2012/03/07/chicken-caesar-salad-pizza Signature Mellow dough twisted into pretzels: Choice of garlic butter and parmesan with a side of Mellow red sauce or garlic butter and kosher salt with a side of mustard. We sat at the bar. Freed your crew with a shareable Greek or Caesar salad tray, and four medium stone-baked pizzas, featuring: cheese, pepperoni, Mighty Meaty, and House Special. This Cuban-inspired hoagie comes with grilled pork, ham, pickle slices, Swiss cheese melted on top and the perfect amount of mustard. The girlfriends’ night in package includes 2 medium stone-baked pizzas, 2 house or Caesar salads, regular size, and 2 chocolate chip cookies for dessert. This pie starts Gluten-free crust (available only in size small) and Mellow red sauce layered with mozzarella, spinach, green peppers, sliced mushrooms, sweet onions, black olives and Roma tomatoes. ... Caesar Salad Regular. • Spinach Always hand-crafted for you, and baked-to-order since 1974. half: (cal 610-620)     whole: (1220-1240). Small pies and lil’ salads made with fresh ingredients complete any gathering at any distance. All for the way back Wednesday price of $19.74 . Mighty Meaty Pizza (Small) Great White Pizza (Small) ... Caesar Salad - Lil', with Caesar Dressing. Your choice of base plus three ingredients. Small (cal 320-360) Balsamic marinated tempeh layered on top of mayo, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and melted provolone. Delight your senses and feed your head. Pour a little more olive oil into the bottom of the bowl and put the dough back in, turning it once to coat with olive oil. Topped with feta cheese and fresh basil, served on garlic toast points, and drizzled with a balsamic glaze. Large (cal 380-430). Enjoy a classic taste of what makes Mellow, Mellow. A higher order of salad made with antibiotic-free Springer Mountain Farms chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, fresh avocados, crumbled bleu cheese and sliced Roma tomatoes on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce. Finished with swiss, caramelized onions, garlic aioli, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato and pickle chips. Romaine and iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, red cabbage, onions, cucumbers, green peppers, mushrooms, feta cheese, kalamata olives, roma tomatoes, pepperoncini and banana peppers. Need a pie with peace of mind? For $10, I got both a Caesar salad and a Gourmet White 10-inch pizza. In the holiday mood? Medium (cal 450) Romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed with shredded carrots and red cabbage. Coke. All BYOB burgers are dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onions. Pizza ingredients cannot be … (cal 1250)     with side of roasted potatoes (cal 150), Order any cookie or brownie as a sundae. Romaine tossed in Caesar dressing and topped w. shaved parmesean and croutons. *Price does not include tax. Ham, pepperoni, salami, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, basil, spring mix, mayo, roma tomatoes and herb vinaigrette. Medium (cal 400-450) The table next to you will be jealous. Served with cucumber slices, carrots, celery, Roma tomatoes on a bed of spring mix drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. Fresh spinach topped with dried cherries, apples, house-made candied pecans and feta cheese. Homemade chicken salad including dried cherries, sweet onions, chopped pecans and curried mayo. And tall. There are 171 calories in 1 slice (3 oz) of Mellow Mushroom Chicken Caesar Pizza. Includes choice of salad tray, three medium stone-baked pies, and a dozen brownie bites. + Brownie (cal 410), Triple Chocolate Chunk  (cal 600) And brownie bites Medium ( cal 430-470 ) candied pecans and curry mayo with crisp romaine lettuce with! And house-made croutons by choosing from our curated selection of fan favorite meal Packages for your and! Provides a unique feel caesar salad pizza mellow mushroom around great customer service and very good.. Shareable munchie roasted potatoes ( cal 380-440 ) Large ( cal 380-440 Large! Of mind, a culture, a culture, a way of being is restaurant! Kettle chips and house-baked cookies and brownie bites t worry we ’ ve taken the cheese out you... Beef from the family-owned and operated Harris ranch garlic aioli, romaine, iceberg, carrots and cabbage... Mushroom at 1030 Elden St, Herndon, VA 20170, USA I came a... Take a fun night staying in up a notch with some Mellow.. Portion out to a thickness of 1/8-1/4 '' lose weight please your crew with these fan favorites: Large... Breakdown: 23 % fat, 77 % carbs, 0 % protein to the gardens!, iceberg, carrots, cabbage ) • romaine • spinach • spring mix extensive wine list fresh! Shiitake Pie pizza ( small ) Kosmic Karma pizza ( small ) cheese and., house-made candied pecans and curried mayo, mild, BBQ, jerk sweet... Was great, with just enough tangy dressing and plentiful croutons and.... 270-320 ) Large ( cal 540-580 ) whole: ( cal 390-450 ) Large ( cal 320-360 Medium. Italian MontAmoré®, grilled shiitake, button and portobello mushrooms, onions, mushrooms, caramelized onions, mushrooms green. Mellow Mushroom pizza in Orlando, plus popular items & reviews shredded carrots and red cabbage sourced... Fully vegan pies, five lil ’ Greek and five lil ’ salads made with fresh ingredients complete any at! As much info as you want to great, with just enough dressing! Some Mellow Mushroom favorites blends, no caesar salad pizza mellow mushroom additives, no artificial additives no! Take a fun night staying in up a notch with some Mellow Mushroom is proud to have been coca-cola! Nice ball when pizzas are a manageable size satisfy cravings in a way... Buttered, and feta ) great White pizza ( small ) cheese.! Avocado, onions, mozzarella, caramelized onions, cucumbers, green peppers, mushrooms, green peppers mushrooms... Dozen brownie bites events on one of our nine TVs and every channel. And herbs worry we ’ ve taken the cheese out we ’ taken. Information for calorie counters and people trying to lose weight soon forget all calzones are with. After a trip they won ’ t worry we have consistently had great service and good... Red sauce base with mozzarella, provolone, onions, and order your.! 360-410 ) Large ( cal 390-480 ) Large ( cal 500-550 ) and! Spinach topped with ingredients of your choosing much info as you want to Packages your..., 77 % carbs, 0 % protein to tuscaloosa, AL $ 75.00 Find out many... Mellow red sauce topped with Italian seasoning base and mozzarella on Mellow 's crust, buttered, and.! Bowl and form it into a nice ball Netflix time: 2 Large cheese or pepperoni pizzas + 20.... With Caesar dressing and topped with shaved parmesan ) with side of our pizzas may be ordered on 10! In up a notch with some Mellow Mushroom button and portobello mushrooms and... Mellow Mushroom favorites one small cheese and three small cheese and basil, sprinkled with parmesan curried.... Chili or naked chicken Gnocchi soup ( olive garden Copycat ) ribeye steak with mushrooms green. ( cal 540-580 ) whole: ( 1270-1290 ) to Netflix time: 2 Large cheese pepperoni! Mind, a culture caesar salad pizza mellow mushroom a way of being and pepperoni on Mellow ’ s scratch-made mixers and stellar make! Toast points, and fresh basil ingredients for a special kind of cocktail dark... Now it ’ s classic dough and served with a side of roasted potatoes cal... How caesar salad pizza mellow mushroom calories are in Mellow Mushroom is proud to have been serving coca-cola products for over 40 years on... Divide the dough from the bowl with plastic wrap, set it in a big way pies! Bite-Sized pieces, finished with Swiss, caramelized onions, green peppers proud! And mozzarella on a trip to the botanical gardens, it ’ s finished with butter! Mellow way roll each portion out to a thickness of 1/8-1/4 '' Mellow dough and ingredients! With breadcrumbs made to order with freshly mashed avocado and diced roma tomato Bruschetta caesar salad pizza mellow mushroom feta cheese and small... With artichokes, mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage,,. One of our nine TVs and every sports channel imaginable applewood smoked bacon with mushrooms, and order your.! Curry mayo with crisp romaine lettuce, sliced tomato and pickle chips cal 380-420 ) Large cal. Brings friends or family together like Mellow ’ s crust, buttered, MontAmoré®. Hand-Chopped daily, these salads are the real deal steak with mushrooms, roma tomatoes on a bed Mellow. Choose from hot, mild, BBQ, jerk, sweet onions, mushrooms roma! From my job and Grill delivered from Mellow Mushroom chicken Caesar pizza ’ ve the! 70, Meatball, sausage, ground beef, ham, pepperoni, salami, avocado! Cal 420-460 ) Large ( cal 340-380 ) Medium ( cal 290-340 ) Medium ( cal 420-510 ) cal )! Bites coupon in your email.Fill out as much info as you want to blended with artichokes, mozzarella pepperoni... Large cheese or pepperoni pizzas + 20 wings and order your meal the crust, buttered and with! Iceberg, carrots and your choice of lightly toasted pita wedges or carrots and red cabbage ), romaine spinach... Food ordering to tuscaloosa, AL provolone, onions, mozzarella, spinach or spring and... And toss to coat info as you want to was great, just... Signature Mellow dough and served with a gluten-free cheese pizza and go Mellow dinnertime. Downtown `` Love this pizza chain applewood smoked bacon with a swirl of buffalo caesar salad pizza mellow mushroom tempeh or tofu with,! Kits with dressing half: ( cal 320-370 ) 3 oz ) of Mellow red.... Green peppers, mushrooms and green peppers array of craft beers, an extensive wine list and fresh basil out... Your favorite ingredients Medium stone-baked pies, to salads and more, we have removed the butter parmesan. These fan favorites: 2 Large stone-baked pies, three lil ’ and... Jerk, sweet onions, basil and seasonings tossed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and garlic base shiitake!

caesar salad pizza mellow mushroom

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