The stress of trying to find a mate has left the unfortunate creature as bald as a coot. Synonyms for bald as a coot include hairless, bald, depilated, glabrous, tonsured, glabrate, shaved, shaven, shorn and baldy. bald (bawld), Having no hair, or a decrease in the amount of hair of the scalp. It's for this that we get the expression "bald as a coot." bare; without hair: When he grew older, he became bald. Amid the flurry of “likes” and comments, some followers likened the coot’s feet to those of a dinosaur or even an alien. Find more Russian words at! [M.E. Now aged 50, Taylor is as bald as a coot - but he still writes and plays songs to die for. Russian words for bald as a coot include плешивый and лысый. balder, baldest Lacking hair on the head. Best of Mel B | Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2014 - Duration: 10:08. What medications cause hair loss? Define bald as a coot. Basically a shaved/waxed fanny! A well good term used to describe a lack of pubic hair on a womans flower or muff as it were. bald′ly adv. Baldy: Feather loss was most likely 'stress related', say experts. While its shape might look strange to the human eye, the curious configuration of the coot's foot makes the bird adept at getting around both on water and on land, unlike most other waterfowl. Star Taylor's crowning glory; James Taylor Symphony Hall, Birmingham Here I am, six weeks old - nearly seven! Cute as a coot by Richard Cousens. bald as a coot synonyms, bald as a coot pronunciation, bald as a coot translation, English dictionary definition of bald as a coot. Coots have strong legs and can walk and run vigorously. !- and bald as a coot , thrust into the world of celebrity by my famous mum, Katie Price. I received this gorgeous photo of a coot parent with its chick this week (thanks to Richard Cousens for sharing) and so I thought I would make these entertaining birds the focus of my 50th anniversary blog this week.. The OED has examples for “bare as a coot” and “black as a coot” from the 17th century: Like other rails, they have long, lobed toes that are well adapted to soft, uneven surfaces. The featherless shield gave rise to the expression "as bald as a coot," which the Oxford English Dictionary cites in use as early as 1430. You often hear the phrase 'bald as a coot', but as you can see from the photo, they are covered in feathers. The bald patch may not be quite so useful. Find more similar words at! “And yet he was as balde as is a coote.” This was apparently a reference to the Eurasian coot, which has often been referred to as the bald coot because of the white frontal shield on the forehead of the primarily black bird. bald′ness n. Patient discussion about bald Q. balled] bald (bôld) adj. Coots are almost entirely black but on their forehead, right between the eyes is a bright, white shield that connects with an equally bright, white beak. The Big Fat Quiz Channel 191,181 views

bald as a coot

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